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The first NGG project. A catalyst, a connector, an expansive creative force, fashion editor, DJ, organizer of events. Marcelo had the energy to transform into icons his own desires and the desires of the community that gathered around him and the multicultural life of our city, Milan. And eventually of every contemporary city.

Marcelo's life, his show, the images he produces, his friends, mirror the global community he belongs to. A fluid world with no boundaries, a society of individuals.

He is a multiplier. Friendship, grassroots culture, the nature and symbols of his native Patagonia, pop, innovation, sex, technology, himself. The more personal, the more universal.

ted norms and conventions. “I believe in the power of love", he says.

Hence prosperity and collaborations. It is a different way of generating fashion, which has allegedly contributed to change the industry for good. Bottom-up.

County of Milan is an attitude, a celebration of diversity.


The Lyst Index, the quarterly report ranking fashion’s most desired brands, constantly lists Off-White as the most sought-after in the world.

Autonomy, progress, innovation, diversity. Architect and structural engineer Virgil Abloh and his Off-White team have taken the notion and development of a fashion brand to a new level altogether. Based in Milan, their creative office absorbs and transforms the heritage of Italian craftsmanship from a contemporary, global perspective on design and trends.

Within NGG, Off White functions as a factory with an emphasis on Research & Development, driven by the excitement it can give, by the joy of sharing experiments and discoveries. For them, digital is not a media nor a component, it is part of their DNA, of the way they function.

Virgil has a clear vision, a specific way of telling stories about the present, and a surreal sense of humor. His work always leaves space for interpretations and conversations. In him construction and deconstruction go hand in hand, recombining the codes of fashion, design, communication, art and technology. He treats them as integral parts, fundamental rights, of our lives.

Well thought, well designed, well executed products are aesthetic as well as ethical statements. A trait that has eventually led Virgil to be appointed director of the men’s collections at Louis Vuitton in 2018.

Off-White is a new form of luxury brand.

High-quality products with a contemporary cultural edge.


What happens when two radically different worlds meet?

Palm Angels - the reflection of Francesco Ragazzi’s mind - draws together the spirit of the skaters of L.A. with sartorial evolution and the accuracy of Italian industrial design. The merger of the two can only be deeply personal, as a dream coming to life.

An underlying rebellious attitude works both ways: he sharpens streetwear while deranging and smearing the sartorial. Inside out, upside down. The purveyor of a counter-mainstream, Francesco is shaping a new attitude and new forms. He is an Italian with an American vision. Music, sculpture, instinct, the performance of walking down the street.

Imagination is an energy.

A Futurist multiverse. Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Milano.

A Palm Angels state of mind.


From San Francisco, where he was born, to New York, where he decided to grow and lives. Heron’s fashion blends, and in doing so subverts, contemporary art and urban cultures, utility wear, tech and corporate aesthetics. He does it so clearly and smartly, that his brand has been instantly appreciated by creatives, artists and kids all over the world. Heron is surrounded by musicians. They sample and DJ. Their imagination understands the affinities of things and make these associations produce something new.

Instinct, intelligence, irony, taste. Heron is hyper-vigilant.

He captures what’s around him, divides it into components and transforms

existing objects into ideas, uniforms and logos (his own included).

Into symbols that stand for something else.

Freedom first and foremost.

He wants to inspire his clients and company to dream.

The mastermind of a community, his creativity is inclusive, environmental and committed to the future. Before being an ethos, DIY, recycle and ready-made are the way he functions, the nature of his touch.


Fluid, exquisite, ancestral. Siblings Nicolò and Carlotta Oddi have chosen, or maybe have been chosen by one single garment o express their idea of a cosmopolitan, creative way of living: the cardigan, a timeless piece, a travel companion.

Carlotta says: “Back from one of his trips to the U.S., Nicolò brought me a cardigan he bought at the vintage market in Pasadena. After a few months I went on a road trip to the Hawaii and when I came back Nicolò noticed that I was wearing it in almost every picture”, Alanui is a haven of emotions, intimate memories, geographies and eras, of urban subcultures and folklore. Its name in Hawaiian means road, path. It suggests an archetype and a journey. In every culture, variations on a theme is a recurring figure, in art and craftsmanship.

Alanui genderless cardigans are canvases to tell stories and show endless possibilities. Every piece is woven with the finest Italian cashmere and wool: their garments are meant to get better with time. In a celebration of craftsmanship, in an endless variety of colours, jacquards, intarsia and embroideries. A little customized medal with a surfer and Saint Christopher, patron saint of all voyagers, is attached to every label. It is a talisman for those who accept Alanui invitation to the endless journey towards ourselves.


To be a style icon means essentially, and consciously, being oneself without compromise. As Korean star Peggy Gou is. A globally successful DJ and producer with a huge, loyal following of fans and admirers, she is contributing to an aesthetic shift in the global creative scene as no other musician today.

A contribution she has extended with her NGG fashion line:

Kirin (giraffe in Korean, her “spirit animal”).

In her videos she mixes Korean themes, kids, glamour, cinema, pop, surrealism, sequins, weaving between genres. As she does when she designs her collections. She studied styling at London College of Fashion. Black or colourful printed all over two-pieces, kimonos and shirts. Her idea of beauty seems to be in equal parts a reflection of her desire for the new and search for harmony and balance.

She is definitively doing what she loves.


Fashion is a radar. Inspired by the Olympic Movement, New York-based Carol Lim and Humberto Leon have hosted in their stores a country every year, using their reach to support new talent, forge collaborations and build a platform to incite new ideas from around the world. Complementing the borderless nature of their collections: wearable, relatable, and subtly intellectual.

If there is a single antecedent to NGG international organization, to our collaborative, plural approach it is Opening Ceremony. A haven of diversity and innovation.


Ambush took off as an experimental jewellery line designed by Tokyo style icons Verbal and Yoon. Their creations, inspired by hip-hop and contemporary pop art captured a distinct Tokyo aesthetic as well as the immediate attention and praise of international fashion magazines and shops. And prompted numerous collaborations with Japanese and North American streetwear and luxury brands.

An Ambush collection of unisex apparel followed naturally, as the request to design the Dior Homme jewellery, completing Verbal and Yoon’s prescient world.

A true staple in contemporary culture.

A perfect addition to NGG’s global extension.